Planning a toast with GoDrink is easy! Here is a little guide for you:

Define date and time of Eventi. You can choose aperitif time, from 18.00 onwards, dinner time from 20.00, or after dinner from 10.00 pm onwards

Decide how many bottles you want to share (they can be more identical bottles or different bottles, but remember that each participant must have the same treatment!)

Decide how much wine you want to share for each person in the glass (usually 10 cl per glass is more than enough, so with each bottle you can drink 7 people)

Decide how many people you want to host and remember to always count your cup! Example: if you buy a bottle and then have 7 glasses available, you can invite up to 6 people. And if the number of participants is higher, then buy 2 equal bottles!

Decide if and what you want to combine with wine (the accompanying aperitif will be based on ...?)

Decide what is the cost for each person (evaluate the cost of the wine you want to share and any cost of the paired food and divide it by the number of participants in Eventi).

Decide the minimum number of participants to confirm the Eventi. We usually recommend placing no more than half the maximum number of possible participants. Not all events will be sold-out, but the people who will participate are all important!

Get the description of the wine, vintage, etc. (You can easily find a lot of material on the web)

It is not important to have a large house. Groups can also be 5 - 6 people including you!

It is not important to be wine experts. GoDrink will help you to tell the wine you will offer and anyway keep in mind that people do not expect a sommelier!

Once you have defined all the details, connected to the site, go to the Oste section and create your event. You can choose a name to give to Eventi, add a short description with a photo, enter the address of Eventi and in the directions of the place the intercom and any indication you find useful to achieve it. The duration of the event and the age range are optional, so you decide if you indicate them.

If you decide to share different bottles, choose the option "Want to share more than one bottle" and set the maximum number of glasses per type of wine.

Then add all the bottles you want to share by entering as much data as possible and a photograph for each bottle.

When GoDrink has created the event on Facebook, publish something inside to invite people to participate.

Fill out the form and become an host