Meditare per Degustare, Degustare per Meditare

We taste wine and chocolate to meditate and rediscover our perception skills. Or, from another point of view, we use wine and chocolate to meditate, so as to train our senses to better enjoy the wine and chocolate. The meditation and tasting take place simultaneously, according to a flexible scheme, which allows you to be concentrated and also to joke and enjoy good wine, chocolate craftsmanship and good company.
All accompanied by savory appetizers.

Event duration: 1 hour and a half

Spoken languages: Italian, English

There are 3 partecipants to this brindisi

Hosted by
Federica Piccoli
Private place: The address will only be shown to confirmed guests
WED 14.11.2018 • h 7:00 PM Confirmed


Federica Piccoli HOST 11/13/18, 12:04 AM

Cioccolato e vino arrivati:)

Maurizio Gullotti HOST 11/13/18, 8:45 AM

Splendido! Non vedo l'ora di Degustare ...meditando!